The PlayFountain®

The PlayFountain®

A new attraction

The PlayFountain® is the first mobile water play attraction and composed of numerous square meter sized elements, which leads to a 100m2 water park. The PlayFountain® contains more than a thousand water jets, by which many pre-programmed games can be played.  Games like walking through a labyrinth, or escape from jail, are just a few examples. But also spectacular water shows with lights and sound effects are possible!


Quick and easy set-up

The flexible design of the PlayFountain® makes it possible to install and dismantle the attraction on location within one day, so that your venue can be used for another purpose in no-time.

Energy efficient

Its running costs are quite low, the water is being reused after it is filtered and bacteriologically treated. You will be even more surprised by the included ingenious and patented energy saving system. This system makes it possible that the PlayFountain® only uses a maximum of 5,5 kWh, which can be compared with the use of just 2 vacuum cleaners.


In the summer of 2015 the PlayFountain is a big hit on various locations in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In Baarn – the Netherlands – the installation of the mobile water attraction was a result of fund raising by means of a successful crowdfunding action.

“I think it’s super! Even more thrilling than a swimming pool, because the water jets are much higher and go much faster”

Jessica, 11 years old

PlayFountain®, A sparkling way to attract more visitors to your venue!

What is the PlayFountain®?

The Play Fountain® is a stage floor of about 25 cm height with water jets. The stage consists of boxes of one square meter, forming a platform of 100 square meters. Each box is equipped with 16 individually controllable jets,  which are pre-programmed  in order to realize numerous games. This makes the PlayFountain® an exciting, interactive and versatile attraction. The PlayFountain® is a new product of Ice-World International.

Why choose the PlayFountain®?

The Play Fountain® makes the bustling heart of you location. All eyes will be set on this new invention and will automatically draw the attention of children.

The PlayFountain® is:

 A traffic generator; a new attraction which increases repeat visits

  • A crowd puller which needs no personnel because of remote control system

  • A mobile installation, can be used anywhere, any place at any time

  • A social meeting place

  • A free outing for schools and families

  • Multifunctional:  a lit stage for artists, musicians, a speakers corner, a platform for promotional activities, communication issues, billboard,  etc

  • A Piece of Art.

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A mobile attraction

The PlayFountain® is a mobile attraction which is designed for all ages. The main goal is to stimulate children being physically active in the open air in a safe environment where no extra supervision is needed.

Thanks to an adjustable bottom,  the transport volume is limited and inequalities in the subfloor can be easily corrected. The control system of the hundreds of jets is  ingenious. The users select a game by clicking on a display.

Music and beautiful lighting in the evening will enhance the experience.

The water used is recycled after purification and bacteriological treatment in compliance with all applicable regulations in the field of safety, hygiene.

The consumption of energy is practically negligible thanks to a unique, patented method and despite the fact that hundreds of pumps do their enchanting work.

More details about the PlayFountain®:

  • Composed of individual boxes of one square meter.

  • Adjustable floor with individually controllable jets

  • Mobile, suitable for temporary use, can be used anywhere, any place at any time, indoors and outdoors

  • Quick and easy installation within one day

  • Non slippery and practical platform, fit for almost all ground surfaces

  • Numerous games are pre-programmed, no personnel needed

  • Water quality and safety certified

  • Limited use of electricity, 2 connections of 220 V, 16A power (max 5,5 kWh per day)

  • Easy to transport and service

  • Limited costs for maintenance or supervision

  • ISO 9001 certified; ISO 14001 in progress.


The PlayFountain® has been introduced at the Aquanale trade show in October 2013 and turned out to be one of the biggest crowd pullers. We received a lot of inquiries for proposals, both for rent and sale. We therefore have to apply the rule: first come, first served.

Want to discover the PlayFountain®? Please call us on +31355480500 and let us tell you about the options.


General terms and conditions

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