What makes the PlayFountain so special?

The PlayFountain is a truly unique product, designed with simplicity and easy operation in mind. Shipping, installation and management are resource and cost-efficient. Once up and running, the PlayFountain is a highly effective safe way to activate local communities and businesses.

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The multipurpose entertainer

We offer a multifunctional attraction and entertainment area that also serve as a fixed/permanent or mobile stage for artists, musicians, dancers, speakers for all kind of events or occasions. It’s a game and a show program in one. The PlayFountain is equipped with an audio and lighting system which runs automatically. Each water game is accompanied by matching music that the youthful players often recognize. The show program can be activated in the evening, for more spectacular water shows with colorful illuminated water and sounds.

The PlayFountain is:

  • The first mobile play fountain worldwide
  • Exciting, intuitive and interactive water games
  • Entertaining for all ages, playing and watching 
  • A crowd magnet for events and locations
  • An eyecatcher at the heart of city centres, theme- and bungalow parks
  • A social attraction where people come together
  • Extremely suitable in times of increasingly warmer cities
  • An affordable attraction with high impact 
  • A safe water attraction, especially for small children. No supervision is needed.

The ‘Play’ in PlayFountain

From day to night, the PlayFountain entertains young and old with intuitive water games and dazzling shows. The games are easy to understand for all ages: try to stay dry! After sunset, games make way for water shows combined with light and music. The ideal stage for live music, fashion shows, performing arts or product presentations. The possibilities are endless.

The PlayFountain

100 m2 floor

The 50 modular floor panels (2 by 1 meters each) are equipped with a total of 1.024 waterjets.

Light and sound

Speakers and multicolour light installation, ideal for live performances or presentations

Water treatment

The water is safe at all times, using a certified water treatment system and continuous filtration.

Control room

Water filtration, power supply and software operating the waterjets are controlled and monitored remotely.

The games ( selection)





Race cars


Tower door

Big wave