Benefits and opportunities of a PlayFountain

The PlayFountain is available as a permanent or mobile installation. It’s easy to set up or dismantle at any location within one day. The connection and operation are simple and only regular water, electricity and internet connection is needed.

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Sustainable and safe

This brand-new attraction is a revolutionary product in which water, electricity and mechanics are combined in a proven way that meets all safety standards. It’s a one of a kind fountain for children and adults.

Thanks to the patented energy storage system, The PlayFountain uses about the same amount of energy as one refrigerator, it’s very energy efficient! The same goes for the water. Water is continuously reused and therefore not wasted.

The playing floor and supporting structure are made of 100% recyclable aluminium and meets all standards, including anti-slip and playground equipment safety. PlayFountain is a completely safe play area for children without direct superficial from parents or supervisors.

The benefits of the PlayFountain


Quick and easy installation


Easy servicing


No permanent personnel required

Energy efficient

Patented energy storage technology

Water efficient

Reusing filtered and treated water

Crowd magnet

Proven formula for local retailers

Social cohesion

Bringing people together


100% recyclable aluminium

Partner with The PlayFountain

We love to tell you more about our PlayFountain and the fountain games because we believe it is important that it is clear what you can expect from us. Therefore, you can contact us, and we will provide you with information or a brochure with all the specifics about The PlayFountain operational and technical use and customer-supplier agreements.

We offer an on-site training for your service technicians during the setup of the first PlayFountain. Thereafter, our technical support team is remotely available to answer your question and to advise where needed so you and your visitors can fully enjoy our extraordinary and entertaining water attraction.

Let’s play and try to stay dry.

Do you see benefits for your business?

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