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Exciting water games and shows that invite children to play while entertaining crowds of all ages. The PlayFountain is modular and mobile for quick and easy set up; anytime, anywhere.

See below where the PlayFountain is operational, either permanent or temporary.

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Permanent Europe

Theme Park Duinrell, The Netherlands
Operational 2022

“The PlayFountain received a central location in our park. Immediately we saw that it has an enormous pull factor to kids. Part of the fun is that after each new game, they have to figure out what the new game is about. The Tsunami-wave is blowing off the kids of the playing floor, or not, the kids (who often don`t know each other) play together and are having the time of their lives.”

Mr. Philip van Zuylen

Theme Park Karls Erlebnis-Dorf, Germany
Operational 2023

“I always seek for attractions that strengthen Karls` unique formula and will inspire our visitors. The PlayFountain is  unique and its game experience distinguishes itself from mainstream water attractions. This matches our requirements.”

Mr. Robert Dahl

Attraction Park Walibi, The Netherlands
Operational 2023

“Kids are automatically being attracted to water, so the PlayFountain will  always deliver in terms of entertainment. But we like the fact that the PlayFountain is playing various games, which makes the attraction much more interactive. After each new game kids have to figure what the new game is about, which adds to the fun.”

Mr. Marc Guffens
Marketing & Sales Director

Theme Park Tripsdrill, Germany
Operational 2023

“We have met the PlayFountain-team during the IAAPA exhibition 2022 in London and were immediately hooked by its innovative technology. The magic is located under the floor and controlled via its software.”

Mr. Benjamin Fischer

Play Park Bubenheimer, Germany
Operational 2023

“During the hot Summer of 2022, we experienced that we needed to improve our competitive edge against cooler alternatives, like swimming pools. The PlayFountain fulfills our requirements and will definitely contribute to our competitiveness.”

Mr. Klaus Schmitz-Peiffer
Owner/General Manager

Temporary Europe

Hamelin, Germany
Summer of 2021, 2022 and 2023

“We’ve had the PlayFountain in our town for six weeks and we can say it’s been a big success. A huge number of the kids who visit the town make a conscious decision to go to the city centre to cool of and obviously bring their parents with them. People are more relaxed and stay longer which of course is also great for the turnover of shops and restaurants.”

Dennis Andres
Head of City Marketing

Regensburg, Germany
Summer 2022 and 2023

City of Doetinchem, The Netherlands
Summer 2020 and July 2023

City of Antwerp, Belgium
Summer 2019

Temporary Middle East

Jeddah City Walk Festival, Saudi Arabia

River Park, Dubai

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