The PlayFountain

Exciting water games and shows that invite children to play while entertaining crowds of all ages.

The PlayFountain is modular and mobile for quick and easy set up; anytime, anywhere. Your audience is waiting for the one-of-a-kind PlayFountain experience!

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Refreshing water fun with PlayFountain

An all season innovative mobile water attraction developed for amusing and activating children. Our play fountain consists of a modular floor area of ​​100 m2 equipped with 1.024 water jets which are controlled by pre-programmed software to create dozens of water games that unlock a unique experience. It’s a fountain with games. The water games are playful, challenging and attractive at the same time.

In the summer months, The PlayFountain offers cool refreshment in warming cities, theme parks or holiday resorts. In other occasions it is an exciting challenge to stay dry. The water in combination with lights and music create a pleasant theatrical atmosphere and scenery. Because it’s a mobile fountain, it’s also possible to move The PlayFountain to different areas and locations as you wish. The PlayFountain is a multifunctional attraction for all ages. Enjoy!

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